Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium (Ca): 9.0%

Sodium (Na): 0.32%

Magnesium (Mg): 0.02%

Zinc (Zn): 0.02%

Sulfur (S): 0.02%

Manganese (Mn): <0.01%

Copper (Cu): <0.01%

Boron (B): <0.01%

Iron (Fe): <0.01%


Advanced-Cal® Soil Treatment Combination

Advanced-Cal is a chelated liquid calcium with added micronutrients and a microbial designed to increase calcium base saturation and microbial activity and therefore, increase pH levels in the soil. This optimizes fertilizer uptake by the plant and has a very strong effect on positive increase for yield.

Advanced-Cal® offers a unique blend of liquid calcium for neutralizing soil acidity, and one of AgriTec’s leading soil treatments to offer a well-rounded product that will boost soil nutrition and overall plant health and growth. Advanced-Cal® is a blend of AgriTec’s Pro-Cal® and Bio-Act® which allows for a one pass soil treatment.

Additionally, Advanced-Cal contains added micro-nutrients and minerals, such as boron, manganese, iron, sulfur and much more, add a high carbon energy source of nutrients to the soil. This combination drastically increases plant growth by speeding up photosynthesis and allowing the plant to get the nutrients it needs.


“From last year to this year I saw massive improvements on my fields. I just got done cutting where I put your Advanced Cal and it was much better then last year. I am getting more to go on my sandy fields to help improve it even more.”

David | FL 2019

“Just want you to know my grass has never looked so good. It’s the greenest grass I have ever had, that Advanced-Cal really works. I am going to apply again in May to keep it green.”

Bill C. | Foristell, MO 2018

“I got little growth from what I had planted so I tilled up ground we and sprayed on Advanced Cal. I got unbelievable growth. Never seen anything like it also just like you said the weeds are gone.”

Ed L. | LA 2019

“That Advance-Cal I purchased was amazing on my garden. My plants were the largest I have ever had, and production was over the roof. My squash was over 4ft tall. As you know, I do lawns and I have never had such green lawns. People are calling me to have us treat their lawns because of the fantastic results. I have had to add a helper to keep up with the new customers."

David S. | NC 2021