Granular Vs. Liquid Fertilizer

AgriTec International has research from multiple agricultural universities backing liquid fertilizer over granular fertilizer. 

If Michigan State University is correct with their 30 years of research in liquid fertilizer vs. granular fertilizer, then only 20% of granular makes it into the plant. In contrast, 95% of foliar liquid fertilizers make it into the plant. There will be 4.5 times more nutrients available to the plant in 100lbs of liquid than 100lbs of the same analysis in a dry fertilizer material.

Six gallons per acre of a 10-20-10 liquid plant food weighing 11.4 pounds per gallon will weigh about 68 pounds. Assuming an availability of 90%, the plant would receive about 61 pounds of fertilizer per acre. Further breaking this down in terms of N, P, and K, the plant should receive and use 6.1 pounds of Nitrogen (10% N), 12.2 pounds of Phosphorus (20%), and 6.1 pounds of potash (10% K).

As noted from the above calculations, six gallons of liquid fertilizer would provide as much nutrition to the plant as 300 pounds of a dry fertilizer.

“We apply fertilizer nutrient materials to the above ground growing portion of the plant. We have seen that materials are absorbed by the plant and move rather freely in the plant. The amounts may at first seem relatively small, but to offset this handicap, the efficiency is high. In fact, this is the most efficient method of applying fertilizer to the plants that we have yet discovered.

If we apply these materials to the leaves in soluble forms, as much as 95% of what is applied may be used by the plant. If we apply a similar amount to the soil, we find about 10% of it to be used.”

Dr. H. B. Tukey Head of Department of Horticulture at Michigan State University

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