Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium Chelate (Ca): 9.0%

Sodium (Na): 0.32%

Magnesium (Mg): 0.02%

Zinc (Zn): 0.02%

Sulfur (S): 0.02%

Manganese (Mn): <0.01%

Copper (Cu): <0.01%

Boron (B): <0.01%

Iron (Fe): <0.01%


Advanced-Cal® Soil Treatment Combination


Advanced-Cal®: A Chelated Liquid Calcium with Micronutrients and Microbial Enhancements for Soil Optimization

Advanced-Cal®, a revolutionary chelated liquid calcium product, offers a comprehensive solution to increase calcium base saturation, microbial activity, and pH levels in the soil. Designed to optimize fertilizer uptake by plants, this cutting-edge soil treatment delivers significant positive effects on crop yield.

Combining the power of liquid calcium with added micronutrients and a specially formulated microbial blend, Advanced-Cal® represents one of AgriTec's leading advancements in soil treatment. This well-rounded product enhances soil nutrition, overall plant health, and promotes robust growth.

One of the primary functions of Advanced-Cal® is to neutralize soil acidity through its liquid calcium component. By increasing the availability of calcium in the soil, this product effectively counteracts the negative impact of acidic conditions. Furthermore, Advanced-Cal® significantly raises pH levels, creating an optimized environment for plants to absorb essential nutrients from fertilizers.

A key advantage of Advanced-Cal® lies in its incorporation of micronutrients and minerals. These essential elements, including boron, manganese, iron, sulfur, and others, augment the nutritional composition of the soil. The introduction of these micronutrients enhances plant growth by accelerating photosynthesis and facilitating the plant's access to vital nutrients. Additionally, Advanced-Cal® offers a high carbon energy source, providing supplementary nutrients to support vigorous plant development.

The addition of microbial enhancements further distinguishes Advanced-Cal® as a comprehensive soil treatment solution. These specialized microbes contribute to the establishment of a beneficial microbial community in the soil. By promoting microbial activity, Advanced-Cal® enhances nutrient cycling and availability, fostering symbiotic relationships with plants. This microbial interaction augments nutrient uptake efficiency, benefiting overall plant health and contributing to increased crop yields.

The technical precision and scientific formulation behind Advanced-Cal® ensure its efficacy in soil optimization. With its unique blend of chelated liquid calcium, micronutrients, and microbial enhancements, this product provides a holistic approach to soil treatment, addressing multiple factors that impact plant growth and productivity.


“From last year to this year I saw massive improvements on my fields. I just got done cutting where I put your Advanced Cal and it was much better then last year. I am getting more to go on my sandy fields to help improve it even more.”

David | FL 2019

“Just want you to know my grass has never looked so good. It’s the greenest grass I have ever had, that Advanced-Cal really works. I am going to apply again in May to keep it green.”

Bill C. | Foristell, MO 2018

“I got little growth from what I had planted so I tilled up ground we and sprayed on Advanced Cal. I got unbelievable growth. Never seen anything like it also just like you said the weeds are gone.”

Ed L. | LA 2019

“That Advance-Cal I purchased was amazing on my garden. My plants were the largest I have ever had, and production was over the roof. My squash was over 4ft tall. As you know, I do lawns and I have never had such green lawns. People are calling me to have us treat their lawns because of the fantastic results. I have had to add a helper to keep up with the new customers."

David S. | NC 2021

"I used your Adv-Cal on my pastures that was overgrown with weeds and 2 weeks later all the weeds were gone! All I can say is WOW!"

Andrew | 2023

"We used your Advanced-Cal a couple years ago on some low pH ground and saw great results out of it. We have some alkalinic ground that we are needing some help with now and wanting to use your Bio-Act to help get these levels neutralized as well."

Mitchel S. | 2023

"Sprayed Advanced-Cal and 10-20-10+ three days ago and my field is already green and I just planted. People are wasting their time with granular. I think this is the way to go."

Calvin | 2023

"I applied 3 gallons of Advanced-Cal per acre on my hay land and got the thickets hay crop I have ever mowed even with the drought hitting us heavy."

Sonny C. | 2023

"I tested out Advanced-Cal by applying 2.75 gallons per acre to my bean land and had the best beans stand I've ever grown of that field. We got 95 bushel per acre."

Jim S. | 2023

"These past 2 years since applying Advanced-Cal I've picked my best seed production. Last year was the best one spot I pulled 400lbs. Even on top of the hill where the soil was at a worse starting point, it was averaging 200-250 lbs. With prices of fertilizer last year, I cut my fertilizer rate in half and still pulled that."

Casey | 2023

"I used your Pro-Cal and Advanced-Cal in the fall of 2020. I hadn't limed this ground in years and you could tell how much of a difference it made. It's only the middle of March and my ground is already greened up and growing and my neighbors still haven't."

Clinton H. | 2023

"That Advanced-Cal we used 2 years ago worked really well. Our pH has been holding in the 6's. We are ready for a booster application as well as want to utilize your 25-0-0+."

Roger | 2023

"That initial dose of Advanced-Cal and 10-20-10+ really turned that initial pasture around in 2021. I need to cover all my pastures this year."

Jay | 2023

"I really liked your Advanced-Cal on my corn ground. My test weights went up to 61 lbs. I'm going to use it on my beans this year."

Phillip T. | 2023