Liquid fertilizers to boost plant health & production

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We are a family owned and operated company and it is our goal to provide you with the most effective fertilizer for the working Americans’ crops.

Liquid fertilizers

AgriTec International was founded on the idea of working smarter, and we provide scientifically proven liquid fertilizers to boost plant health and production.

Affordability & productivity

We want to increase what you get out of your land and save you money while doing so.

AgriTec provides the leading materials for affordable and fast soil pH treatment,

that is a more pure and a faster acting way of providing needed calcium to the soil to neutralize soil acidity and raise soil pH.

Our Bestsellers

10 - 0 -10+ is the best way to supply nitrogen and potash that is immediately available to the soil. This product is a liquid form solution ..
3 – 18 – 18
3-18-18+ is a liquid solution with the best source of potash and phosphorus that is immediately available to the soil. No need to wait for r..
Advanced-Cal® offers a unique blend of liquid calcium for neutralizing soil acidity, and one of AgriTec’s leading soil treatments to offe..
Pro-Cal provides a reliable and effective source of Calcium to the soil, compared to ag-lime, but in a more precise, fast-acting manner. ..

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