Guaranteed Analysis

Humic Acid: 12.0%


Humic Acid


Humic-Acid is made of concentrated organic matter and its purpose is to correct organic matter deficiency in the soil. When soils are low in organic matter the negative effects can be harmful on a crop during growth and germination. Soils with low organic matter also have a lower C.E.C. which can slow or stop seed germination and increase risk of seed burn on pop-up and in-furrow programs.

Humic-Acid prevents the negative effects of low organic matter levels and poor C.E.C. sandy soil and sandy loam soil tend to naturally have low levels of much needed organic matter. When working with sandy type soil, by adding Humic-Acid you can ensure that the crop has rich, healthy soil to support optimum growth. Additionally, humic can hold many times its own weight in water leading to stronger drought resistance and better water retention, which is crucial in the hot, dry months.