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Calcium Chelate (Ca): 10.0%


Pro-Cal® Bio-Activated Liquid Calcium


Pro-Cal Soil Amendment: A Precise and Efficient Calcium Source for Soil Improvement

In comparison to traditional agricultural lime (ag-lime), Pro-Cal offers a reliable and effective solution for supplying calcium to the soil in a more precise and fast-acting manner.

Recent research conducted by leading agricultural universities has demonstrated that the conventional method of applying lime to the soil for calcium supply and pH adjustment may not be the most efficient approach. The slow breakdown of lime over months can result in insufficient calcium release into the soil, often failing to meet the soil's calcium requirements for achieving desired pH levels. In contrast, liquid calcium, such as Pro-Cal, offers superior speed and effectiveness due to the purification and separation of nutrients from non-pH-affecting substances like rock.

Pro-Cal serves as an essential initial step in soil treatment, preceding the application of fertilizers or planting of seeds. As approximately 95% of soils naturally possess low pH, raising the soil pH becomes crucial to mitigate issues such as fertilizer loss, nutrient immobilization, stunted growth, and reduced productivity. By promptly elevating the soil pH, Pro-Cal enables optimal nutrient utilization, promotes robust and lush plant growth, and prevents nutrient binding within the soil. Consequently, Pro-Cal not only provides an immediate pH increase comparable to lime but also sustains a neutral state, ensuring multiple growing seasons of efficient soil and high-quality production.

Calcium, being the most abundant essential nutrient required by the soil, should ideally occupy 60-75% of the soil's base saturation of cations. Deviating from this range can significantly impact plant growth and development.

Pro-Cal ensures both livestock safety and adherence to food-grade standards. Its compatibility with any sprayer facilitates convenient application in diverse agricultural settings. Furthermore, Pro-Cal exhibits an impressive soil life of 2-4 years, contributing to long-term soil enhancement and reducing the need for frequent reapplication.

In addition to its effectiveness, Pro-Cal also offers cost advantages over liquid lime, making it a more economical choice for farmers and growers seeking optimal soil health and crop productivity.

Selecting Pro-Cal Soil Amendment as your calcium source ensures precise and efficient calcium supply to your soil. With its proven effectiveness, livestock safety, food-grade quality, compatibility with various sprayers, extended soil life, and cost-effectiveness, Pro-Cal empowers farmers and growers to enhance soil quality, promote healthy plant growth, and increase agricultural productivity. Make an informed choice by incorporating Pro-Cal into your soil management practices and experience the tangible benefits it brings to your farming endeavors.


“We have hay like I have never seen before. It's so green and thick. I applied three gallons per acre of Pro-Cal."

B. Marshal | 2020

“My county agent saw a world of difference in our soil report this year over last year. Last year, he recommended three tons of lime per acre. After applying three gallons of Pro-Cal per acre, this year he said our pH was in the mid 6.4 range and we didn't need any lime. He couldn't believe the results."

John P. | 2020

“There is a huge difference between my hay fields this year over the year before. After I applied the ProCal Liquid Calcium. 13 of my neighbors have observed the change in my fields and are joining me to buy more Procal in bulk to apply to their fields hay. So much of my neighbors want to use it on their fields. My tonnage was way up, I am ordering more for this year.”

Ben H. | 2018

“Well Procal did what you said it would, I had no weeds in my oats. I usually have to use herbicide this year I didn’t. It was a very clean harvest.”

John M. | 2019

“After applying Pro-Cal, I have the best looking fields in years. No broomsedge."

William S. | 2021

“My pastures had a real smut grass problem. I applied three gallons per acre of Pro-Cal last fall. Well this spring, I had the best first cutting I have ever had. Then I noticed all the smut grass was gone."

Scott S. | 2020

"I had my doubts when I purchased the ProCal but I am a believer now. I have never had my pastures look so good. Send me 2 drums this year."

Robin K. | 2022

"We applied 4 gallons per acre of the Pro-Cal as a test on 14 acres of orchard grass in the beginning of spring and boy did we got some great results, weed pressures is way down and production is better than it ever has been on this rented farm that has been run down for years."

Mark | 2023

"I applied 3 gallons of Pro-Cal on my alfalfa ground in test strips early spring and you can tell a night and day difference in the alfalfa, the ground I treated is thicker and much taller than the ground I didn't. Also applied some on my corn ground and even with the drought we are in the ground I treated looks way healthier than the ground I didn't."

Sam B. | 2023

"I purchased Pro-Cal from you last year... We had an extraordinary crop this spring. Got just as much off of first cutting as we did all three last season."

Randy D. | 2023

"I applied Pro-Cal and 0-0-30 after 3rd crop last year and on my now 3rd year grassy alfalfa field. This all went on 28 acres. I planted this field at 40% alfalfa, 30% timothy grass, and 30% orchard grass. This year the grass has gone nuts like I've never seen it before..." 2 weeks later: "So I baled hay last Friday, got a new record for number of bales. I got 52 big squares 3x3x8's off 28 acres. My previous record was 42 on second crop the 1st year. Normally I'm around 30-40 with 1st and 2nd crop so I'd have to say it worked as it was the tallest and thickets I've seen yet and this the 3rd year of this stand."

Kevin F. | 2023

"I used your Pro-Cal and Adv-Cal in the fall of 2020. I hadn't limed this ground in years and you could tell how much of a difference it made. It's only the middle of march and my ground is already greened up and growing and my neighbors still haven't."

Clinton H. | 2023

"Last year the rain was terrible but despite the rain we made 1.8 bales per acre per cutting despite no rain. We applied 4 gallons of Pro-Cal per acre and 4 gallons of Nitro-Maxx+. Our hay was greener than anyone else in the area. The grass was super healthy and it looked amazing. The rain did hold us back a lot but we did better than anyone else in the area. Another thing to note you could tell a huge difference in the weeds. Seemed to cut our weeds way down and we barely needed any 2-4D."

Travis A. | 2023