What is the Best Liquid Calcium for Pastures?

When it comes to maintaining the health and productivity of pastures, soil fertility plays a crucial role. A key nutrient that aids in this process is calcium. Traditional methods of calcium application have primarily relied on agricultural lime (ag-lime). However, its slow breakdown and inefficient calcium release have been a matter of concern. Enter liquid calcium – an efficient, fast-acting, and innovative solution that is changing the game for pasture management. But what is the best liquid calcium for pastures? In this blog, we will explore the benefits of Pro-Cal and Advanced-Cal, two leading liquid calcium products on the market.

The Limitations of Traditional Lime

Before diving into the benefits of liquid calcium, it’s worth understanding the limitations of traditional ag-lime. While lime has been the standard go-to for supplying calcium to pastures, its drawbacks can’t be overlooked.

The slow breakdown of lime, which often takes months, can result in insufficient and untimely calcium release. This delay often fails to meet the immediate soil’s calcium requirements for achieving desired pH levels, essential for plant growth and nutrient absorption. Furthermore, the physical application of lime can be uneven, leading to inconsistent results across the pasture.

Pro-Cal: A Game-Changer in Soil Amendment

Pro-Cal, a highly efficient liquid calcium product, offers an effective solution to overcome the limitations of traditional lime. Serving as an essential initial step in soil treatment, Pro-Cal immediately raises the pH of the soil, an action that is crucial for about 95% of soils, which naturally possess low pH levels.

The role of Pro-Cal in raising pH levels and supplying calcium isn’t a slow, drawn-out process. Due to its liquid state, Pro-Cal is quickly and readily available to plants and the soil, thereby immediately elevating and sustaining neutral soil pH.

Besides raising pH, Pro-Cal increases the availability of other nutrients already present in the soil, like Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). By occupying 60-75% of the soil’s base saturation of cations, calcium acts as a “trucker” nutrient, enhancing the absorption and utilization of these other essential nutrients. This nutrient delivery role of calcium is pivotal in promoting lush and robust plant growth and ensuring efficient soil for multiple growing seasons.

Moreover, Pro-Cal’s soil life ranges between 2-4 years, which means its benefits are not just immediate but also long-lasting. This extended soil life contributes to the long-term enhancement of soil quality, reducing the frequency of reapplication and saving both time and resources for farmers and pasture managers.

Advanced-Cal: A Comprehensive Solution for Soil Optimization

Building on the benefits of Pro-Cal, Advanced-Cal represents a more advanced solution for pastures. It is a chelated liquid calcium product that combines the power of calcium with added micronutrients and a specially formulated microbial blend. This holistic approach leads to an optimized environment that promotes robust plant growth, enhances nutrient absorption, and positively affects crop yield.

Advanced-Cal’s primary function is to neutralize soil acidity through its liquid calcium component. In doing so, it effectively counteracts the negative impact of acidic conditions, leading to higher pH levels and a more balanced soil profile.

In addition to raising pH and delivering calcium, Advanced-Cal also introduces essential micronutrients and minerals, including boron, manganese, iron, sulfur, and more to the soil. These micronutrients enhance photosynthesis and facilitate the plant’s access to vital nutrients, leading to healthier and more vigorous growth.

The unique selling point of Advanced-Cal lies in its inclusion of microbial enhancements. These specialized microbes contribute to the establishment of a beneficial microbial community in the soil, thereby enhancing nutrient cycling and availability. This microbial interaction augments nutrient uptake efficiency, benefiting overall plant health and leading to increased productivity of the pasture.

Pro-Cal or Advanced-Cal: Which is Best?

Both Pro-Cal and Advanced-Cal have proven benefits for pastures, with the choice between the two depending largely on specific pasture needs and management goals.

For those seeking an efficient, fast-acting calcium supply and immediate pH adjustment, Pro-Cal presents an ideal solution. Its quick action, long soil life, and role in nutrient availability make it a standout choice for pastures.

However, for a more comprehensive approach that includes the advantages of micronutrient supplementation and microbial enhancements, Advanced-Cal provides a superior option. Its multifaceted approach to soil treatment and plant nutrition ensures optimal soil health, plant growth, and productivity in the long run.

In conclusion, both Pro-Cal and Advanced-Cal offer significant advancements over traditional lime applications for pastures. By providing immediate and long-lasting benefits, these liquid calcium products improve overall soil health, enhance nutrient availability, and foster robust plant growth, making them an excellent choice for pasture management. Whether you choose Pro-Cal or Advanced-Cal, both are sure to deliver tangible benefits to your pastures.