Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium (Ca): 10.0%


Pro-Cal® Bio-Activated Liquid Calcium

Pro-Cal provides a reliable and effective source of Calcium to the soil, compared to ag-lime, but in a more precise, fast-acting manner.

While lime is traditionally applied to the soil to supply needed calcium and raise pH levels, new research by 7 of the top Ag Universities have shown that this method is not the most efficient way to supply calcium to the soil. The old method is slow, taking months for the lime to break down and release the calcium into the soil. Many times, the lime being applied will never fully supply the soil with the calcium it needs in order to adjust soil pH to desired levels. Liquid calcium works faster and more effectively than lime, because with liquid calcium, the nutrient has been purified and separated from the substances such as rock that have no effect on soil pH.

Pro-Cal is the first step in treating any field. Before fertilizer is applied or seed is planted, it is important to prepare the soil. 95% of soil naturally has a low soil pH. Low pH leads to lost fertilizer, bound up nutrients, slowed growth, and dramatically decreased or lack of production. By raising soil pH you are ensuring that your plant gets the most out of the soil, you have thick full growth, and money isn't being lost by bound up nutrients in the soil. Pro-Cal not only raises your pH immediately while using the same nutrients as lime, but maintains that neutral state to ensure many growing season of the best production and efficient soil.

Calcium is required in higher quantity than any other essential nutrient in the soil and should occupy 60-75% of the soil's base saturation of cations. Anything below that number can negatively affect plant growth.

Pro-Cal is livestock safe and food grade and can be used on any sprayer. Has up to 2-4 year soil life.

Pro-Cal is cheaper and more effective than liquid lime.


“We have hay like I have never seen before. It's so green and thick. I applied three gallons per acre of Pro-Cal."

B. Marshal | 2020

“My county agent saw a world of difference in our soil report this year over last year. Last year, he recommended three tons of lime per acre. After applying three gallons of Pro-Cal per acre, this year he said our pH was in the mid 6.4 range and we didn't need any lime. He couldn't believe the results."

John P. | VA 2020

“There is a huge difference between my hay fields this year over the year before. After I applied the ProCal Liquid Calcium. 13 of my neighbors have observed the change in my fields and are joining me to buy more Procal in bulk to apply to their fields hay. So much of my neighbors want to use it on their fields. My tonnage was way up, I am ordering more for this year.”

Ben H. | OR 2018

“Well Procal did what you said it would, I had no weeds in my oats. I usually have to use herbicide this year I didn’t. It was a very clean harvest.”

John M. | SC 2019

“After applying Pro-Cal, I have the best looking fields in years. No broomsedge."

William S. | 2021

“My pastures had a real smut grass problem. I applied three gallons per acre of Pro-Cal last fall. Well this spring, I had the best first cutting I have ever had. Then I noticed all the smut grass was gone."

Scott S. | AL 2020