The Benefits of Using Liquid Calcium Fertilizer for Crop Production

One of the essential elements for crop growth is calcium. Calcium contributes to various vital functions in plants, and its deficiency can severely hamper growth and yield. One of the best ways to provide calcium to crops is through liquid calcium fertilizers.

Understanding Calcium's Role in Plants

Before delving into the benefits of liquid calcium fertilizer, it’s crucial to understand the role of calcium in plant growth. Calcium is a secondary nutrient, meaning plants need it in relatively large quantities compared to trace elements.

Calcium plays a key role in cell growth and division, supporting the development of plant tissues and roots. It helps maintain the chemical balance in the soil, strengthens plant cell walls, and assists in the translocation of photosynthesis products from leaves to fruits and roots.

Why Choose Liquid Calcium Fertilizer?

In contrast to granular or powdered forms of calcium fertilizers, liquid calcium fertilizers offer several distinct advantages that make them an optimal choice for farmers aiming for higher yield and healthier crops.

Improved Absorption

The primary benefit of liquid calcium fertilizer is its high absorption rate. Unlike granular fertilizers that take time to dissolve and are often unevenly distributed, liquid fertilizers provide immediate bioavailability. The liquid form allows the nutrient to permeate the soil more evenly and deeply, providing better accessibility to plant roots.

Efficient Application

Liquid calcium fertilizers are convenient to use and can be easily applied via drip irrigation systems, foliar sprays, or even mixed into the soil during planting. This flexibility in application methods allows for targeted delivery, optimizing nutrient uptake while minimizing waste.


Liquid calcium fertilizers can be used in various soil types and climates, making them suitable for a wide range of crops. They are also compatible with other liquid fertilizers, allowing farmers to create a tailored nutrient blend to meet their crop’s specific needs.

Rapid Correction of Deficiencies

Calcium deficiency in plants often leads to various disorders such as blossom end rot in tomatoes and bitter pit in apples. Liquid calcium fertilizers provide a rapid solution to such deficiencies, as they can quickly permeate the soil, providing plants with the necessary nutrients.

pH Adjuster

Chelated liquid calcium, such as that found in Advanced-Cal and Pro-Cal, has been shown to effectively increase soil pH levels. The chelation process involves bonding calcium ions with organic molecules, making the calcium more available to plants and easier for them to absorb. This enhanced availability can neutralize soil acidity, leading to an increase in pH. As the pH of the soil increases, the soil becomes less acidic, and the environment becomes more conducive for plants to absorb essential nutrients from fertilizers and the soil itself. By enhancing the nutrient uptake efficiency, chelated liquid calcium effectively promotes a healthier, more productive soil environment.

Pro-Cal Soil Amendment: The Next-Generation Calcium Source

Unlike traditional agricultural lime (ag-lime), Pro-Cal provides a reliable, efficient, and precise source of calcium for soil improvement. The conventional method of lime application often fails to meet the soil’s calcium requirements due to the slow breakdown of lime over time, resulting in insufficient calcium release. However, with Pro-Cal’s fast-acting nature and pure composition, it outshines the old approach.

Groundbreaking research from leading agricultural universities supports this claim. Pro-Cal offers an essential solution to the common problem of low pH in roughly 95% of soils. A low pH can lead to nutrient binding within the soil, fertilizer loss, and even stunted growth. By raising the soil pH promptly and efficiently, Pro-Cal optimizes nutrient utilization, promotes robust plant growth, and prevents nutrient loss.

An added benefit of Pro-Cal is its compatibility with a variety of sprayers, making it a versatile tool in any farmer’s arsenal. With a soil life of 2-4 years, Pro-Cal reduces the frequency of application, contributing to long-term soil enhancement.

Choosing Pro-Cal for your soil amendment needs is not just an effective strategy but also an economical one. With its cost advantage over liquid lime, Pro-Cal is the optimal choice for farmers seeking high-quality soil health and increased crop productivity.

Advanced-Cal®: A Revolutionary Approach to Soil Optimization

Advanced-Cal® takes soil treatment to the next level. This cutting-edge product combines chelated liquid calcium with added micronutrients and a specially formulated microbial blend, providing a holistic solution for soil optimization.

Advanced-Cal® neutralizes soil acidity by increasing calcium availability, counteracting the adverse effects of acidic conditions, and significantly raising pH levels. This creates an optimal environment for plants to absorb nutrients from fertilizers, leading to robust plant growth and increased yield.

The addition of essential micronutrients, including boron, manganese, iron, and sulfur, enhances soil nutrition and overall plant health. These elements accelerate photosynthesis and facilitate access to essential nutrients, further boosting plant growth.

Advanced-Cal® also includes a high carbon energy source, offering supplementary nutrients that promote vigorous plant development. This is complemented by the inclusion of microbial enhancements. By fostering a beneficial microbial community in the soil, Advanced-Cal® enhances nutrient cycling and availability. This symbiotic relationship augments nutrient uptake efficiency, benefitting overall plant health and contributing to increased crop yields.

In summary, Advanced-Cal® is a scientifically formulated solution that addresses multiple factors affecting plant growth and productivity. Its unique blend of chelated liquid calcium, micronutrients, and microbial enhancements offers a comprehensive approach to soil treatment.

By incorporating Pro-Cal and Advanced-Cal® into soil management practices, farmers and growers can reap substantial benefits in crop yield and soil health. These products symbolize the evolution of soil treatment technology, providing cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions for modern agriculture. The value of these advancements becomes even more apparent in an era where soil health, sustainable farming, and food security are of paramount importance.

From the precision of Pro-Cal to the comprehensive solution offered by Advanced-Cal®, these two products make significant strides in improving soil health and crop productivity. As we strive towards a sustainable future in agriculture, the adoption of these advanced soil treatment solutions will undoubtedly play a pivotal role.


While often overlooked compared to primary nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, calcium is a vital component in the nutritional puzzle for healthy crops. Liquid calcium fertilizers offer an efficient, versatile, and effective way to provide this essential nutrient. They can help ensure robust crop growth, improved yield, and protection against various plant disorders.

Fertilization is a delicate balancing act that requires a deep understanding of the soil, the crop, and the nutrient in question. It is critical for farmers to continually educate themselves about the options available to them and the specific benefits those options can bring. In the case of calcium, a turn towards liquid solutions like Pro-Cal and Advanced-Cal could prove to be a game-changing decision.