Slow Release Liquid Nitrogen

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Nitro-Max is the next generation of nitrogen application. Nitrogen is such a crucial nutrient for ensuring strong healthy growth. However, the hassle and risk involved in application has seemed inevitable. With Nitro-Max those major risks and issues are taken away with our slow release liquid nitrogen. Designed to release over time while decreasing burn and dissipation.

Nitro-Max is the best way to boost growth, fill in patchy fields, and get the most production possible. Standard urea, whether in dry or liquid form, always comes with the risk of burning vegetation. The majority of urea applied evaporates very quickly, or becomes bound of in the soil. This leads to a large amount of money lost on fertilizer for only a marginal effect. Nitro-Max eliminates both of these problems with a slow release technology, paired with a delivery agent to ensure efficient absorption by the plant, that allows the nitrogen to release as the plant needs it. This takes away the risk of burning foliage and stunting plant growth. Nitro-Max gives the best results, and saves money from simply vanishing into the air.

Benefits of Nitro-Max
  • Fast acting

  • Decreased to no risk of burn

  • Decreased loss through dissipation

  • Carrier agents for direct delivery to plant

  • Extended release for longer active period

  • Increased plant growth

  • increased ground coverage

Nitro-Max can be applied throughout various stages of growth to provide the best possible source of nitrogen to the plant. During growth Nitro-Max should be applied to the plant in the early stages for optimum intake and utilization by the plant. Nitro-Max can be broadcast over the top of growth, or can be applied through side dress programs. Nitro-Max can be applied in concentrate or can be blended with water or other chemicals. Do not blend with glyphosate or 2-4D amine. Most chemicals are safe to blend, but always jar test first.

  • 55 Gallon Drum

  • 275 Gallon Tote

  • 4,500 Gallon Tanker

Acres Treated*
  • 10 - 15 Acres

  • 50 - 70 Acres

  • 400 - 1,000 Acres

*Acres treated depends on the required application rate. The ranges above are based on application rate of between one quart and half a gallon per acre.

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