Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N): 15.0%

Polymethylene Urea: 9.0%

Ammonium Chloride:  8.0%


Alt – 15


A good foliar feed balances the need for secondary and micro-nutrients, along with supplying primary nutrients throughout the most necessary stages of growth. This combination can also be used during plant growth to boost plant health during the early and later stages of the crop cycle to prepare for fruitation and increase overall output.

Alt-15 provides a perfect mixture of two necessary elements. Alt-15 contains a 15% slow release nitrogen, perfect for seeds or foliar feed with no risk of burn, and is 100% available for immediately upon application. Additionally Alt-15 contains 52 trace minerals and micronutrients, such as: iron, boron, manganese, cobalt etc. which increase plant carbon energy, speeding up growth, and increasing fruit production. In hay and pasture, Alt-15 increases ground coverage, providing a thicker, fuller hay field or pasture.