What is Nitro-Maxx+?

What is Nitro-Maxx+? Nitro-Maxx+ is a slow-release liquid nitrogen that promises to transform the way farmers approach fertilization. By addressing pitfalls typically associated with granular nitrogen fertilizers, Nitro-Maxx+ offers a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution to optimizing crop production.

The Science of Nitro-Maxx+

Nitro-Maxx+ is designed to solve the age-old problem of nitrogen loss and plant burn associated with conventional urea-based fertilizers. Traditional urea, whether in dry or liquid form, is notorious for its high volatility and rapid evaporation. This not only leads to significant nitrogen loss but also “environmental concerns, including nitrate leaching, global warming, ozone layer depletion, and groundwater pollution” (Kumar 2023). Nitro-Maxx+ tackles these issues head-on with its unique slow-release technology and advanced delivery agents.

Slow-Release Technology: Unlike conventional granular fertilizers that release nitrogen all at once, Nitro-Maxx+ employs a slow-release mechanism. This ensures that nitrogen is available to plants as and when they need it, leading to more efficient absorption and utilization. The gradual release of nitrogen reduces the risk of burning foliage and stunting plant growth, allowing for healthier and more robust crops.

Advanced Delivery Agents: One of the standout features of Nitro-Maxx+ is its use of carrier agents that facilitate direct delivery of nitrogen to the plant roots. These agents enhance the uptake of nitrogen , ensuring that more of the applied fertilizer is actually used by the plants rather than being lost to the environment. This not only maximizes the efficacy of the fertilizer but also reduces wastage, making it a more economical choice for farmers.

Benefits of Nitro-Maxx+

1. Fast Acting: Nitro-Maxx+ provides a quick boost to plant growth, helping to fill in patchy fields and promote uniform crop development. This immediate effect can be crucial during critical growth stages, ensuring that plants receive the nutrients they need to thrive.

2. Decreased to No Risk of Burn: The slow-release nature of Nitro-Maxx+ significantly reduces the risk of burning foliage. Traditional fertilizers can cause damage to plants if applied incorrectly or in excess, but Nitro-Maxx+ eliminates this concern, offering a safer alternative for farmers.

3. Decreased Loss Through Dissipation: One of the major drawbacks of conventional urea is its high rate of dissipation into the atmosphere. Nitro-Maxx+ minimizes this loss by releasing nitrogen gradually, ensuring that more of the applied fertilizer is absorbed by the plants.

4. Carrier Agents for Direct Delivery: The inclusion of carrier agents in Nitro-Maxx+ enhances the efficiency of nitrogen uptake, allowing for better nutrient absorption and reduced wastage. This targeted delivery system ensures that plants receive the maximum benefit from each application.

5. Extended Release for Longer Active Period: Nitro-Maxx+ offers an extended release period, providing a steady supply of nitrogen over a longer duration. This prolonged availability ensures that plants have access to essential nutrients throughout their growth cycle, leading to sustained and consistent growth.

6. Increased Plant Growth: By providing a steady and reliable source of nitrogen , Nitro-Maxx+ promotes increased plant growth and higher yields. The slow-release technology ensures that plants receive the nutrients they need without the risk of nutrient shock or deficiency.

7. Increased Ground Coverage: Nitro-Maxx+ helps to achieve more uniform ground coverage, filling in patchy areas and promoting even crop development. This leads to healthier and more productive fields, maximizing the overall yield.

8. Enhanced Availability Over Dry Fertilizers: Compared to dry fertilizers, Nitro-Maxx+ offers up to 6-7 times the availability of nitrogen . This superior availability translates to better nutrient uptake and utilization, resulting in more efficient and effective fertilization.

Customer Testimonials

“The Nitro-Maxx+ product worked great, our hay was a lot thicker.”

– NC 2024 

“Man, I was blown away by the green up that I got when I put the Nitro-Maxx+ on my pasture ground. My neighbor that mows my pasture for me said I could Hay it if I want and it was the best pasture in this area.”

– NC 2024 

“I am very satisfied using your products and will up my order this next year to a tote of each. I cut and bail hay here and everyone is asking what I’m using. When I start putting more Pro-Cal and Nitro-Maxx+ on and start producing more hay, I’m sure I can get them to buy your product. My grass turns greener faster and is greener longer than everyone’s around me.”

– TX 2023

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

In addition to its agronomic benefits, Nitro-Maxx+ also offers notable environmental advantages. By reducing nitrogen loss through evaporation and risk of nutrient runoff, Nitro-Maxx+ helps to mitigate the environmental impact of fertilization. This is particularly important in regions where nitrogen runoff can contribute to water pollution and other ecological issues.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: The efficiency of Nitro-Maxx+ means that less fertilizer is needed to achieve optimal results. This translates to fewer emissions associated with fertilizer production and transportation, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Sustainable Agriculture: By promoting more efficient nutrient use and reducing wastage, Nitro-Maxx+ supports sustainable agricultural practices. Farmers can achieve higher yields with fewer inputs, leading to more sustainable and economically viable farming operations.


Nitro-Maxx+ from AgriTec International represents a significant leap forward in the realm of agricultural fertilization. Its slow-release technology avoids common issues associated with other nitrogen fertilizers,  making it more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Its increased plant growth, decreased risk of burn, and enhanced nutrient availability make Nitro-Maxx+ great for farmers to fertilize in a more sustainable and productive way.


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