Guaranteed Analysis

Proprietary blend of Alkylaryl Polyoxylkane Phosphates Liquid Ammonium Sulfate Free fatty acids: 90.0%


Sur-Tec® Liquid Surfactant

Sur-Tec is a liquid, premium buffering and enhancement agent, designed to maximize the efficiency of chemical spray solutions.

This all-in-one product makes tank mixes for herbicides and pesticides easy and super effective raising chemical efficiency by up to 100%! No longer do you have to buy multiple products with their lengthy, hard to understand instructions. When combined with your herbicide and water in a tank mix, Sur-Tec does it all. Sur-Tec is economical to use, only pennies per acre. It lowers over-all chemical cost per acre by raising chemical efficiency – allowing you to use less while getting better results! Sur-Tec makes pesticide solutions rainfast within 30 minutes (when applied on dry leaf surfaces).