Granular Vs. Liquid Fertilizer

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Everything you need and nothing you don't. That's what you get with AgriTec Liquid Calcium Plant Foods. Formulated from the finest quality of raw materials, AgriTec's Plant Foods are free of the impurities, chlorides, and heavy metals that are common in today's leading brands. AgriTec gives your plants the ultra-pure nutrients they require without the harmful fillers. AgriTec Foods are environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and are formulated with a neutral pH.

Six gallons per acre of a 10-20-10 liquid plant food weighing 11.4 pounds per gallon will weigh about 68 pounds. Assuming an availability of 90%, the plant would receive about 61 pounds of fertilizer per acre. Further breaking this down in terms of N, P, and K, the plant should receive and use 6.1 pounds of Nitrogen (10% N), 12.2 pounds of Phosphorus (20%), and 6.1 pounds of potash (10% K).

Dry granular fertilizers are using less costly raw materials that are toxic to the plant and must be applied to the soil, which in turn gives it over to the plant. Normally, much efficiency is lost in the process due to weather conditions and the chemical make up of the soil tending to the "tie-up" nutrients. As a result, nearly all the universities have found the availability of dry fertilizers to average between 10 and 20%. Typically, 300

michigan state visual analysis.png

pounds of a dry 10-20-10 fertilizer applied to the ground would find only 60 pounds (20% of 300lbs) actually becoming available to the plant during the growing season. 

As can be seen from the above calculations, 6 gallons of AgriTec's Orthophosphate Liquid Plant Food would provide as much nutrition to the plant as 300 pounds of a dry fertilizer. Actual expense figures usually show AgriTec's Liquid Plant Foods saving from 15 to 30% over dry fertilizer costs per acre. So, why buy what you can't use or might lose? Buy the best and save the most with AgriTec's Plant Foods. For specific recommendations and pricing, contact AgriTec at (833) 247-4832.