Fertilizers fueling sustainable agricultural practices


Sustainable agriculture is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity. As our planet grapples with environmental changes, it is essential that we nourish our crops without harming the land. Enter our desalinated, ag-grade, and livestock safe orthophosphate fertilizers – designed for sustainability and efficiency in mind.

The Desalinated Advantage

Our desalinated orthophosphate fertilizers have most of the salts removed, making them especially valuable in sensitive environments. The benefits are vast:

  • Reduced salinity impact: our desalinated fertilizers are less likely to contribute to soil salinity, a critical concern in arid and semi-arid regions.
  • Less harm to plants: Avoid salt burn and damage to plant tissues.
  • Improved water use efficiency: Facilitate better water uptake in plants.
  • Enhanced nutrient uptake: Ensure that plants can access essential phosphorus for growth.
  • Increased crop yields: Healthier plant growth and potentially higher crop yields. 
  • Broader application range: Ideal for high salinity soils or sensitive crops.
  • Prevention of soil degradation: Contribute to the long-term sustainability of soil. 
  • Reduced environmental impact: Contribute to the long-term sustainability of soil.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Less likely to contribute to the salinization of nearby bodies.
  • Compatibility with drip irrigation systems: Avoid the clogging issues that salts can cause in these systems.
  • Market preferences: Meet growing demand for sustainably grown crops.

Safety First: Livestock & Environment

Our fertilizers aren’t just plant friendly; they’re alrso livestock-safe and ag-grade. These products are formulated to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring that they are safe for the environment and the animals that are an integral part of many farming systems.

Orthophosphate Fertilizers: Immediate Action

Our orthophosphate fertilizers are formulated to go to work right away. Unlike other phosphorus sources that must break down in the soil before plants can use them, our orthophosphate fertilizers are immediately available to plants, ensuring they get the nutrients they need, precisely when they need them.

Supercharged for Soil Life

Each of our orthophosphate fertilizers are “supercharged” to explode microbial activity in the soil. Microbial activity refers to the work of billions of tiny organisms in the soil – bacteria, fungi, and more – that play a critical role in nutrient cycling, organic matter decomposition, and soil health. When microbial activity is high, plants have better access to nutrients, and soil structure improves, making it easier for roots to grow. Our “supercharged” formula ignites this microbial activity, effectively turning the soil into a bustling, nutrient-rich, community that actively supports plant growth.

Aiding in the Growing Process

Our fertilizers aren’t just about immediate benefits; they’re designed to aid plants throughout their life cycle. From seed to harvest, our products support plant health, helping crops better withstand stress conditions and facilitating efficient nutrient uptake for robust growth.

Farming Testimonials

“I just wanted to thank you for what you’ve done for me and my fields of corn and beans. Your recommendation and products have made a believer out of me. We are dumping southern states and going strictly with your recommendations and products, Nitro-Maxx+ is fantastic on corn and your 3-18-18+ and Advanced-Cal saved our beans. I have corn I couldn’t plant until late May and it is over my head now. You have completely changed our 200 acres. Thank you for your professionalism.”
Dr. Wright | 2023

“I applied 6 gal per acre of the 3-18-18+ and we’ve definitely had better pasture than we’ve had in a long time. We did have nice rains thru spring and early summer which helped too of course. Unfortunately, I don’t have specific records like tons per acre or anything like that to offer but I’m satisfied at this point!”
Tim Y. | 2023

“A week and a half ago, my corn was looking very yellow and was only about knee-high. I put the Nitro-Maxx+ on it. It’s been a week and a half since I applied the product, and I just came back to this field and the corn is taller than shoulder height and dark green.”
John G. | 2023

“I just took my first cutting off after using your 3-18-18+ and 25-0-0+ and I am extremely pleased with it and want to order some more products to treat my second cutting.”
Joe B. | 2023

“Sprayed Advanced-Cal and 10-20-10+ three days ago and my field is already green and I just planted. People are wasting their time with granular. This is the way to go.”
Calvin | 2023

“That 10-20-10+ worked really well. Where we put it looked great!”
Antonio | 2023

“Last year the rain was terrible but despite the rain we made 1.8 bales per acre per cutting despite no rain. We applied 4 gallons of Pro-Cal per acre and 4 gallons of Nitro-Maxx+. Our hay was greener than anyone else in the area. The grass was super healthy and it looked amazing. The rain did hold us back a lot but we did better than anyone in the area. Another thing to note you could tell a huge difference in the weeds. Seemed to cut our weeds way down and we barely needed any 2-4D.”
Travis A. | 2023

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Our fertilizers aren’t just a product; they’re part of a broader commitment to sustainable agriculture. In a world where conservation is key, our fertilizers offer a way to nourish crops while respecting and preserving the land and water on which we all depend. In essence, our desalinated, ag-grade, and livestock-safe orthophosphate fertilizers are more than just a solution; they are a stride towards a more sustainable, efficient, and harmonious agricultural future. It’s time to farm with tomorrow in mind.