Liquid Soil Treatment and Foliar Feed

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3-18-18 is a liquid solution with the best source of potash and phosphorus that is immediately available to the soil. No need to wait for rain or for breakdown times, 3-18-18 can be easily applied during many stages of growth to ensure crops are getting the phosphorus and potassium they need for the best possible growth.

3-18-18 is another of AgriTec's Orthophosphate fertilizers. This product is a great solution for legumes, such as alfalfa and soybeans, but can be used on many different crops. 3-18-18 contains a small amount of Nitrogen that serves as a carrier agent, and also provides a boost in natural nitrogen production in the plant. Additionally, the orthophosphate form of the phosphorus eliminates the breakdown time that is standard in regular fertilizer. The need of phosphorus is most prevalent in the first stages of growth, 3-18-18 answers this need, leading to the highest yielding and strongest producing crop possible.

Benefits of 3-18-18
  • Increased Organic Matter Levels

  • Higher Protein Levels

  • increased Root Development

  • Increased Photosynthesis

  • Improved Soil Structure

  • Increases Microbial Population


  • Raises Soil pH

  • Increases Cell division Leading to Faster Growth

  • Increased Nutrient Uptake

  • Stronger Plant Immunity

  • Increased Nutrient Transportation in Soil

  • Increases Fertilizer Effeciency 

  • Chelated for Fast & Safe Results

  • Long Lasting

3-18-18 has a standard soil life of one growing season. Fertilizer needs should be treated on a year to year basis. However, 3-18-18 is designed to provide the crop with a steady source of nutrition throughout the growing year.

Foliar: Apply 1 to 3 gallons per acre with sufficient water for thorough coverage. For best results, spray in early morning or late afternoon. Do not apply during

the “sunlight” hours when air temperature is above 85° F

Ground: Apply 2 to 5 gallons per acre. Ground application can be via conventional ground sprayer or metered through irrigation, or as a starter fertilizer at planting. 

  • 55 Gallon Drum

  • 275 Gallon Tote

  • 4,500 Gallon Tanker

Acres Treated*
  • 10 - 15 Acres

  • 50 - 70 Acres

  • 400 - 1,000 Acres

*Acres treated depends on the required soil application rate. The ranges above are based on application rate of between 1 to 5 gallons per acre.

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